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So my new Nintendo Collab is coming along smoother than your mums ass.

Heres something of a menu Ive created for it, and its probably about 30% done.. we need more artists!

So get on board, drop me a line on the forums!

Youll notice a big difference in my animations from say, 2 years ago.

Ive got my shit together.

So look forward to some new shit!

Im currently just doing the graphics for my sidescrolling game, and the picture is from To Far, Weegee.

Another Nintendo Collab! Check it out!


2010-05-21 03:42:00 by Fierce-deity490

I havent uploaded anything for quite a while, so I'll start with this,

Sonic Shorts

I just thought Id put a little something together for yas, so enjoy :)

Anyways, my VERY FIRST game isnt to far away, the side scrolling sword slashing bloodfest..

AND there will be more to come, including Notebook Hero!

So, watch my flash, and tell me what ya think ;)

And DONT forget, I'm starting a Nintendo Collab named Under 9000, so if your interested, head down to the forums!


Author Update 20th January

2009-01-19 11:24:13 by Fierce-deity490

Ive gotten alot better at ActionScript recently, so it looks like my first game is gonna be worth checking out!

Sword King is turning out pretty good, I'm currently fixing up some of the coding for multiplayer mode, and Survival mode. Then I'll finish the graphics and may even look for a sponsor!

I've also submitted a pretty good short to Sonic Shorts #5, so hopefully its accepted, otherwise It will pop up in some of my other animations! I've never really participated in a collab before, and thought I may as well. I plan to submit several sonic shorts for #6, that being the final sonic short collaboration.

Under 9000 is still heavily in progress, and is also coming along nicely.

2009 is going to be a big year for this author, so keep your eyes open!

Here are some statistics..

Under 9,000: 30%
Sword King: 60%
Oni: 20%

Some of my older animations have been put on hold to get these higher priority projects out the way.
These include:
The Frihken Game
Mario & Luigi: Partners In Rent
I Hate Monday

These projects will all probably get a makeover, too.

Also, check out KK's Story+, its the same as the old one, but with better graphics.

Some of you have also noticed I took down Everlasting Pain. Well this is why, It had always been the lowest scoring and I had treated it more like an experiment to learn my way around Flash. It brought my batting average down, and I figured it may turn viewers off of checking out my other animations because of the poor quality of it. I apologize if you miss it, but if people really want to view it, I'll upload it somewhere else.

And I leave you with a picture of my sonic short...

Author Update 20th January

Author update!

2008-11-02 05:19:41 by Fierce-deity490

Ive almost finished school which means more time for flash!

I have a few projects in the works including my first game! Heres some info on it..
A sword weilding sidescroller!
Multiplayer, Story and Survival modes!
10 levels!
Unlockable weapons and combos!
Deadly bosses!

Its looking about 25% finished.

Also, my latest flash is only a short one, so check it out!

Just to let people know, I haven't forgotton about Newgrounds!

I have yet another animation in production, which would appeal to fans of AWESOME, and DECLINE. Its just alot of game parodies and jokes, so hopefully when it comes out (About 2 months) you can all enjoy it!

Its putting my tablet to use, so no need for anymore tweened circle animations =/

Take it easy Newgrounders!

For fans of the AWESOME series

So I finally got a tablet.

This marks the beginning of decent flash animations!

Drawing with a mouse has been a very frustrating tween-filled journey, but this new tablet should help me to actually draw.

And so I announce my new upcoming flash animation, Oni: Demon of Storm.

Enjoy the screenshot :)

New animation and Wacom Bamboo Tablet GET!

Mario & Luigi: Partners In Rent

2008-01-29 23:12:15 by Fierce-deity490

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Rent is a flash cartoon in development by me and Pantz productions.
Its the first in a series of comedy animations about the nintendo crew partying, getting into trouble and getting drunk!
For fans of Decline Of Videogaming and Tomorrow's Nobodies.
Coming Soon.

Art by Pantz productions.

Mario & Luigi: Partners In Rent

Animation updates

2007-11-08 19:25:08 by Fierce-deity490

The upcoming Frihken game is a combination of basic FPS, point and click, and key controlled movement, depending on the section of the game. A majority is point and click, including small puzzles and reaction times. It will have 10 levels, each level with two alternate paths. The game is perhaps 10% complete, and will be done a long time from now. It will be the last Frihken flash I make.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Rent is a full body voiced animation similar in style and inspired by Tomorrow's Nobodies and the Decline of Videogaming series. It follows the nintendo character's life as grown ups, and Luigi's struggle for popularity. This is done in collaboration with Xander-Black whom hasn't released any animations previously. It is around 20% complete, as Im awaiting art from Xander.

My new animation, to be my main focus when released is known currently as Legend of Varkun, and is the classic story of Ninjas vs Pirates, in similar style to Frihken, but with much better graphics, a deep storyline and has elements of Xander's art present. Depending on the feedback from the first episode, more episodes will be released. The first episode is around 60% complete, and to be released soon hopefully.

I look forward to your feedback.


Animation updates