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Another Nintendo Collab! Check it out!

2010-06-13 16:04:20 by Fierce-deity490

So my new Nintendo Collab is coming along smoother than your mums ass.

Heres something of a menu Ive created for it, and its probably about 30% done.. we need more artists!

So get on board, drop me a line on the forums!

Youll notice a big difference in my animations from say, 2 years ago.

Ive got my shit together.

So look forward to some new shit!

Im currently just doing the graphics for my sidescrolling game, and the picture is from To Far, Weegee.

Another Nintendo Collab! Check it out!


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2010-06-13 16:41:51

wow that looks terrible!
I think the pointer on the wii remote should lightly shake around like it does in real life


2010-06-13 17:21:05

I love it! An almost perfect replica of the Wii menu!


2010-06-13 17:31:48

Awesome. Can't wait for it though this time you think you could add horror themed games too?


2010-06-13 19:20:07

pretty shitty if you ask me!

and the picture you posted in your newspost please say it wasn't you who drew it or I will be severly dissapointed.


2010-06-14 06:38:50

I like the menu, nice work!
I'm not sure about the mario picture though, lol :)


2010-07-13 22:02:21

can i enter it or is it already gonna happen :(